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RiverWatch is our home and it is up to each of us to ensure our home is the RiverWatch of our dreams. If you have ideas for TarponRiverWatch.com or the community at large - please drop me (Evelyn) an e-mail.

Do you know of local events, fundraisers, activities, etc. Would you like to get the word out about one or more?

Drop me an e-mail with the info and I will update the website.

~ FALL CLEAN-UP Sunday October 11 ~

FALL ~ Community ~  Yard, Garage, Estate Sale (PERFECT time for Open Houses)  Saturday October 10th, 2015


Florida Friendly Landscaping Links

Board Member & Meeting Information 

Meeting Scheduled for August 17, 2015 is CANCELLED.  Next meeting is in September.  The MAIN goal of the Sept. meeting will be the 2016 budget.

September 9th ~meeting at 6:30 pm~ at MONARCH to go line by line, so the Regular Meeting will not take four hours.  You are invited to attend. if you are able.

Either the September meeting will be a week earlier or the October meeting a week later, to give the membership ample time for feedback on the proposed budget.

Notes of July 20, 2015
Want something on the agenda?
Our next meeting, we will be discussing how to tell community members what is going on, using a Professioanally Designed Site.  (NO - TarponRiverWatch.com will NOT be the domain name and YES the choice WILL impact the 2016 budget, why? because a Professional Site is sought  :-)

Look through our Agendas / notes / minutes ~ they are ME, and I am not "quite" professional.  That should probably be addressed too ~ right?

Let me know on https://www.facebook.com/TarponRiverWatch

June Meeting Notes

May Meeting MINUTES

Send agenda items to Evelyn - e-mail below

 Please send feedback to 
Heard there may be an issue with the site (virus?) Spent MANY hours digging through everything.  There is NO Virus. 

Past Meetings
Minutes not here can be gotten from management

PLEASE ~ Do NOT shoot at coyote ~ and ~ if you REALLY love your cats - keep them inside.

Current Watering Restrictions 
Please watch for sprinklers misalignment (if when you drive out, it is spraying the road, please let us know ... best contact info is 
Yards are to be St. Augustine, Floratam or equivalent and grass green 
~ Thank You ~
If you have a well with RUST ISSUES - ADDRESS it as soon as you see it.  It can become rather costly if it is allowed to become a rust commercial. 

Are you buying a home in RiverWatch? You NEED an Estoppel Letter

Contact Sue from Monarch Association Management

(727) 204-4766 

Got a Gripe?

 Contact Sue of Monarch Association Management at  and also please CC

When all IS said and done, can you say you did what you could to assist the best outcome?

Questions & Comments on the website: 
   Subject:  RiverWatch - what is your subject ??? :-) 

Current Pictures of RiverWatch are on the community site Evelyn created.


Do you have a service, product, or whatever that you would like to have posted on TarponRiverWatch?

NO CHARGE to Riverwatch Residents ... please e-mail me and you will have your information on the Internet as soon as I am able to post it.

  Just for the record, my humble opinion as the one who created this site - so - YAY!!! for my soap box :-)   
Each of us have a choice - to be part of the solution or a part of the problem. I claim this site as my solution soap box ... 
Doing nothing: One who do nothing is like speed bump ... bu-dump, bu-dump ... but then, that is what choice is all about.
Cost of TarponRiverWatch.com to our community - nada, nothing, no thing, free; the reason for that is it is paid for completely and totally by Pete and me. 
What does that mean? 
TarponRiverWatch.com is the property of Evelyn Conner. 

 Thank you volunteers!!! It MAY only take a few to make things bad for all - but when a few make it better, more want to join and make it better too ... help make it better ... what do you like to do? I'm sure someone would really appreciate it if you did it :-) 

Neighborhood Enhancement Program

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REPORT Suspicious activity!!! 

Call 911

Keep your Vehicles and Home LOCKED!

Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency #

 727-938-2849 barking dog, numbering, etc.

Neighborhood Watch Information

AFTER calling 911

Contact RiverWatch Crime Watch Volunteer

Jan -


Reverse 911 Info

NOTE: If you see something, SAY something!

If you would like to list a garage / yard sale or your home for sale on this site, please e-mail me at  

Community Information

Warning to CAT OWNERS - we have osprey, hawks and at least one pair of eagles around our community.

The weekend of 4/13/13 - I saw a cat being carried to a hawk's nest.

Birds of Prey LIKE Cats - please do not feed the wildlife :-(

Also - Coyote ... we HAVE Coyote roaming through our community ... please do NOT shoot at them!!!

Got Gator?

To Report a Street Light that needs attention - Click HERE 

RiverWatch, Like Tarpon Springs has a Leash Law. To those looking to allow their dogs off lead - there are TWO AWESOME dog parks: A.L. Anderson Park & Live Oak Dog Park both less than 3 miles from Riverwatch. (US 19 is known for DeadlyTraffic so use the underpass if crossing)

Love your dog ~ Use a leash when in public 

Dog walkers - PLEASE clean your dog's poop up from the NEIGHBORS lawns your loved one stops on.

I removed my soap box verbiage of people who do not pick up their dog's daily deposits because the one's I am talking to probably don't even come here :-(

To the vast majority of Responsible Pet Owners ~ Thank You ~ 

Riverwatch Center
Northern Tool + Equipment

If you see issues with the wall, or the Riverwatch Center property in general, property manager Jose M. Martinez is very responsive & swift addressing issues.  



Rob's Cheap Tree Service 
Awesome work - awesome service!  
GREAT Prices  

Friends of the Anclote Updates    

 Get involved in Our Community.

Get involved in YOUR Community.

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