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RiverWatch Housing Association  

September 2011 Board Meeting Minutes 


Date: Monday September 19, 2011 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:02 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – All board members present – Ameri-Tech represented by Steve and Janice  

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from August Frank motioned to waive, Kathleen 2nd – Unanimous – Notes are now minutes.  

4.      Financial Report – the Dock Key DEPOSITS are still being listed as OTHER REVENUE.  A DEPOSIT we must RETURN to the depositor is a LIABILITY.  I got shut down with “we will look into it” … NOTE for October 17 meeting – how much has been “deposited” into this Other Revenue account that ARE Liabilities?  How do we transfer this out of INCOME and into the Liability Account?  How do you list a DEPOSIT as an “Other Income”?  How does Ameri-Tech account for it when the DEPOSITOR what’s their DEPOSIT back?   

4.1.   Our Latest Financials show ANOTHER $50 DEPOSIT listed as OTHER REVENUE 

4.2.   Delinquencies – 10 Liens, 4 Foreclosures, 1 with a $1,000 fine (which the reports show $2,000 … but it isn’t $2k according to Steve … there was some issue and it will be taken care of ~ HOWEVER ~ the One $1k fine is actually something I thought the board gave 30 more days to as work was progressing … however there is another issue being addressed further on down the line 5.1 

4.3.   Budget – we are on budget. 

5.      Violation Status – Our biggest issue seems to be lawn and grass types.  That since Bill 2080 (?) passes any kind of Florida Friendly grasses could be used.  A community member pointed out that according to the Bill ~ IF the home owners association HAS Florida friendly grasses included IN their documents, then those grasses could be upheld as the standard for the community.  

5.1.   Our Architectural By-Laws State: 

5.2.   8-A.  Each Lot on which a home is completed shall be equipped with an automatically controlled irrigation system which provides 100% irrigation coverage for all sodded and landscaped areas within a lot.  

5.3.   8-B.  Each lot on which a home is completed shall be sodded with Floratam, St. Augustine sod or the equivalent, in all areas not mulched and plated (sic) with other landscaping. 

5.3.1.      Discussion came up about changing our By-Laws to include other grasses since there ARE members of the community that have other types of grass and even one member who took out ALL of their grass (which was a mistake when it was approved ~ but approved it was and Our Documents WILL be changed, where it states before ANY one else does this again – Evie Quoted at meeting)            Section 18. Trees and Surface Conditions. 


6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Culvert work paid (11-15-10 - $3,000) but not done.  Still says it was a good job done properly. 

6.1.1.      Evie stated one of the culverts to be addressed is behind her house … and it was NOT done.  I watched for it to be done since first we set out to have it done … Never was it touched other than to have Mr. Stan Ceseiski (arm in a sling) and a young man with a shovel came out, spent 12 (twelve) minutes shoveling out the “main” plug and off they went.            Not bad for $3,000 ?            NOTE:  Drainage for this area is noticeably slowing down.  I have brought up drainage needs at every meeting.  The culverts and drainage systems are not on our Reserves List either and should be, as having to do a major address of these systems will run much more than a special assessment could handle (in Evie’s Opinion) 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Mail Box Info – Who to call for a replacement mailbox. 

7.2.   Yard with noticeable depressions in it.  Vacant home.  Ed said it may be the sprinkler system.  Will check it out. 

8.      Manager’s Report (From Steve’s To-Do List) 

8.1.   Dock Covering – The selected company has finished the work.  The work was approved by the board.  The invoice is approved to be paid (as of typing this, has been) 

8.2.   Check sidewalk grinding issues … rather than addressing the reason for unleveled sidewalk panels the raised sections were just ground down.  The department that handles this is over scheduled and short staffed ~ so it may be a while before it is addressed.  A couple of areas are to be addressed within 30 days. 

8.3.   Entrance Railing – The price for replacing with aluminum is coming in cheaper than using steel.  Ed is looking into further and seeing what the increase would be to replace all of the poles. 

8.4.   Culvert Work – Steve says everyone (City, SWFWMD, Ameri-Tech) is perfectly happy with the work that was done on the culverts. 

8.4.1.      Evie is NOT happy ~ at all ~  

8.4.2.      Ed said he could no longer provide the services of certifying our culverts and drains because he could not in his EXPERT position certify them as they are.            NOTE:  The services Ed has been providing need to be accomplished every 18 (Eighteen) Months and to PAY a company to do this will cost at least $750 (that was the lowest bid we had back when Ed first volunteered to provide the service for our community) 

8.5.   Light at the playground is now on. 

8.6.   Amendment has passed.  Banks now must pay ALL outstanding dues, fines, etc.  Way to GO Kerry and Kathleen !!! It could NOT have been done without you.  

8.7.   Crosswalks have been painted 

8.8.   Landscape by Blackrush pond – no update (Nik’s) – ants are taking over the area. 

8.9.   Landscape (Nik’s) where Sawgrass and Riveredge meet apply weed killer. 

8.10.                    Rust in the drainage areas on the streets and common area sidewalks, snow cap (one time donation from Ameri-Tech) will be used to clean these areas of rust.  To be applied by Nik’s (thank you Nik’s)   

8.10.1.  NOTE:  Homeowners with wells – if you have rust in your water there is a system for your well that will remove the rust (which will be better for everything).  Well Owners are responsible for the rust their well creates. 

8.11.                    Pasco County – Drain Request – No further movement from Pasco (it is on hold) advise from our Lawyer – do nothing for now. 

8.12.                    Fallen dead trees at the dock – addressed by community volunteers (the same volunteers that do EVERYTHING ~ hint, hint, hint) 

8.13.                    Landscaping easement on property not using our community landscaping service.   

8.13.1.  If that property is not needed to get to community property needed to tended to by our landscaping company, there is no access (did I get that right?) 

8.14.                    Painting of home – completed – neighbors like  

8.15.                    Pile of dirt on the south side of our Entrance / Exit The “pile” is slowly being removed, but the property to the south of us now sits CONSIDERABLY higher than it did before the mammoth amount of FILL DIRT was brought in. 

8.15.1.  Damage done to our wall BETWEEN our entrance and this now much higher land form was not caused by the dirt according to Ameri-Tech Steve’s Independent Contractor. 

8.16.                    Repairing the damaged section of our wall from the Independent Contractor will cost $7,750 … there is only the one bid for the job because no one else wants to come out to even look at the scope of the work, according to Steve. 

8.16.1.  Ed started questioning Steve, at which point Steve became very agitated and told Ed if there were any issues Ed was to talk to Mike Perez the owner of Ameri-Tech as Steve would no longer talk to Ed. 

8.17.                    Overnight parking on the street – no new violations 

8.18.                    Painting center stripe at our entrance to separate the lanes – Done 

8.19.                    Home replacing grass that was mistakenly fined twice ~ the ONE fine is given a 30 day grace and IF done by next meeting will be retroactive. 

8.19.1.  Issue is grass replacement is not Floratam, St Augustine, or its equivalent … member and others working to change our documents … until then, they are replacing with what is going in.        Board wants to see green by the October Meeting or the fine stands.        To community members who do NOT have Floratam, St. Augustine or its equivalent may want to get behind this initiative.  

9.      Board of Director Comments 

9.1.   From this point forward, the board wants sign off by a minimum of two board members before ANY irregular invoice is paid. 

9.2.   All work, except emergency repairs needs a minimum of three bids. 

9.3.   Kathleen asked when we would get the updated violation list.  

9.3.1.      Steve said he would update it the week of our meeting (NOTE: Steve drove through Friday and two weeks later we received his violations list) 

10.  Open Questions From the Floor 

10.1.                    Sawgrass and Riveredge are being used for overflow party parking and this is an emergency access point and is a NO parking area … No parking signs will be ordered. 

10.1.1.  Overflow parking, please park at the playground. 

10.2.                    In this area there are a few trees that need to be addressed, they are community property, but the home owner adjacent has been taking care of them and cannot do it any longer.   

10.2.1.  To be addressed. 

10.3.                    Chain link fence in this area is also having an issue.  To be addressed (NOTE:  This is also something that used to be addressed by a community volunteer, but the volunteer who did THIS part has moved away and no one else has stepped up) 

10.4.                    Members wishing to pursue changing the Architectural By-Laws Contact Evie and I will put you in touch with each other.  This is also listed on the website. 

11.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Evelyn   Second:  Bill  Time: 7:58 pm 




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