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(A Deed Restricted Community)

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Deed Restrictions & Violations 
CLICK Here to Print the Architectural Review Form

Great Day!  and what should you do if you get a violation letter?

First ... check, is there an issue?  If so, fix it.  All done.  If not, let us know.

Our community was designed by a developer, and then adopted by the residents for the residents.  If you don't want that, then a deed restricted neighborhood probably isn't the best fit for you and yours ... which isn't here nor there ...

Reality is as it is, fix the future ...

... which is the next breath from this one ...

Eventually the COMPLETE Rules & Regs will be searchable.  YAY!  Any one with issues ... hey, I am a volunteer, donating time, webspace, domain name ... so ... before griping, lend a hand ... then we can gripe together :-)

Have a GREAT DAY Friends and Neighbors!!!