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Projects Open

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Tarpon Springs Florida

The following projects are open in the community of RiverWatch in Tarpon Springs Florida.  To submit bids for projects in need, please contact Sue at (727) 204-4766

Last Update: March 25, 2013




 Entrance - Landscaping

 Entrance landscaping (south, center island, north)

We have a bid from a Landscaping by Palm Harbor.  Meet to go over hardiness of plants and plans (to include minimum of 1(?) board member.

Looking at "professionalizing" our entrance. 


 Entrance - Sign  Excavate area that appears to be settling.  Could this be a broken water system?


 Entrance - Rails & Posts  Replacing a total of 33 rails and painting rails and posts when done.

Expected TBD 4/13/13 

 Gazebo Tops @ Park  Pressure wash underside of both gazebo's; paint undersides; start preparation on roofs for repaint; expected completion.

3/25; 3/27; 4/1; Expected completion 4/12/13 

 Dock - Sign (low water)

 Install new sign

Dock Low Water Marker - do NOT launch when water is lower than red bar.


 Dock - Launch  Do NOT launch or come in if the water is below the red line marker.  April 2013 meeting we will be looking at violation fee possibilities.


 Dock - Low Water Marker  New low water line


 If you have suggestions for work that needs to be done please e-mail Sue at and CC Evelyn at.  We will address and if needed add to the next months agenda.

What is going on with each area?





Open Project 

 Entrance  Block Walls    Pressure cleaned 11/2012


   Sidewalks    Pressure cleaned 11/2012  
   Rails & Posts    Being addressed above


 Dock  Parking      
   Dock    Being addressed above


   Launching pad    Being addressed above


 Park  Gazebo's - picnic, bus stop    In process above ...


   Playground - Swings    Resetting swings Sunday 3/24/13 at 9 am :-)  YAY!!!  It has only been ... way too long ...


   Playground - Equipment      
 Ponds  Park      
Landscaping  General    Being addressed above (entrance)